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Published Author, Principles of Infection Control for the Tattoo Industry

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2011-2013 Board of Directors of SPCP

Certified Permanent Cosmetic Professional (CPCP)

Oklahoma State approved Instructor for Cosmetic Tattooing 




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What is Permanent Makeup?

Permanent Makeup is a state of the art technique in which pigment is placed into the dermal layer of the skin. The color chosen is complimentary for each client's skin, and enhances each individual's natural beauty. With permanent makeup, you will no longer suffer smeared eyeliner, or constant need for lipstick touch-ups. Imagine no more need to draw on brows that are thin or faded. It is an extremely rewarding cosmetic procedure that will help you will look beautiful throughout the day and night.

Will you benefit from Permanent Cosmetics?

The answer for almost everyone is yes.

Permanent makeup can benefit anyone who:

  • Has an active lifestyle
  • Has difficulty putting on makeup
  • Has allergies to regular cosmetics
  • Applies makeup throughout the day
  • Wants to enhance appearance
  • Wants to restore natural appearance
  • Wants to spend less time applying makeup
  • Does not want smears or smudges 


How long will my makeup last? 
Permanent cosmetics can last many years, but eventually will need maintenance. Good news, the pigment used for permanent cosmetics pigments are formulated for use on the face, and is not the same as tattoo ink. As the color lightens, it simply lightens. I have had great success with my pigment lines as I watch my clients' colors gently lighten and not turn into distorted or off putting colors. Each client will vary in how often they will need additional color. Several factors can affect the duration of your permanent cosmetics, including sun exposure, topical product use, medications, and the body’s natural metabolism.  Expect to have at least two appointments to achieve final results. In encourage my clients to take advantage of the long term maintenance pricing for my existing clientele. All of my clients qualify for maintenance pricing, ask me about it. In my experience, my clients are eager to come back for their color boosts. We have developed such a friendship; we both look forward to their quick and easy color refresher appointments. 

Can I get an MRI? 
There is a lot of misinformation about MRI and Permanent Cosmetics. It is acceptable to have an MRI if you have permanent makeup.

Please feel free to go to for additional information on this topic. 

Does it hurt?
Permanent cosmetics have come a long way in the last 10 years or so, just as many medical procedures have. I use topical anesthetics that are made specifically for permanent cosmetic procedures. They work very well to make your experience very pleasant. My clients often come in with a pre-conceived expectation and high anxiety but are very surprised that I am able to manage their pain so well with my anesthetics. I absolutely disagree with any injectable anesthetics used for permanent cosmetics. I also do not require my clients to get a driver for their procedures, as it is extremely unnecessary. I do not give my clients any sedatives for their procedures, because they are not beneficial or necessary.  My technique is very gentle, and I am light-handed. I have many years of experience and clients that will happily verify their procedures would never require sedatives or injectable anesthetics. My photos display many of my clients immediately after their procedures. 

My philosophy of staying away from injectable anesthetics and sedatives is as follows.  The state of Oklahoma has laws that are unique. They do require all technicians to work under supervision of a doctor, MD, DO, or DDS. This provides the technicians in our state the extra freedom to get prescriptions. They are not beneficial for clients, but if you are sedated, you are definitely easier and faster to work on. Well, I disagree with that philosophy. I believe it is very lazy on the part of the technician, my opinion is not unique, but what is happening with our technicians in Oklahoma is quite exclusive to our state. The sedative reduces a client’s ability to make lucid decisions during their procedure. If you are sedated and ‘wake up at home,’ how will you know if your procedure is what you want? You won’t. Then what? You have to pay all over again to have it re-done. I have had many clients call me after their unpleasant experiences with sedatives and injectables.  

Let’s move on to my opinion about injectable anesthetics. If you have an injection for your procedure, you have a substantial amount of swelling in an area that we want to implant pigment. This area is now full of fluids from the injection and it will compete for space with the pigment. In order for the technician to implant the pigment, they must overwork the skin in this competition. It causes an unnecessary amount of swelling and delayed healing time. The swelling is often reported to be there for more than a week. The skin is very overworked and scar tissue can result from this. It also increases the risk of poor results of migration and misplaced pigment. 

My current continuing education hours are evidenced by my ability to offer a very enjoyable permanent makeup procedure and often results in a great friendship with my clients. You will have exceptional anesthetics in the form of creams and gels. Your aftercare products are very comforting and you will have an awesome experience with your permanent makeup at Permanent Makeup By Shanan.